Ultra Glazing



Calgary’s dry climate, poor humidity, air pollutants, and dust make it essential to annually give your fur “The Ultimate Fur Treatment”.

This solution helps to avoid repairs and keep your fur soft, supple, and lustrous, allowing you to get the maximum life out of your fur at minimum cost.

The Ultimate in fur care treatment is made up of several smaller treatments that cumulate to create the definitive maintenance service for your fur:


  • Cleans and glazes the fur, restoring and enhancing natural luster

  • Removes dirt, dust, and grime, including cosmetics and skin oils

  • Restores natural oil to the fur and leather

Silicone Protec:

  • Retards discoloration caused by oxidation

  • Gives fur stain guard protection

  • Fur stays cleaner, longer

Drumming and Tumbling:

  • Enhances leather, making it soft and supple

  • Guards against drying, cracking, and peeling

Deodorizing and Disinfecting:

  • Eliminates pollution, pet, cooking, and smoke odors

  • Destroys bacteria or larvae that may attack fur

Rejuvenating and Electrifying:

  • Ionizing process separates and cleanses every hair

  • Eliminates matted, flattened hair

  • Increases the life of your fur

Hide Treatment:

A major breakthrough in Ultra-Glazing which enables further protection from Calgary’s dry climate through direct application of natural oils to the underside of the fur. Hide Treatment will extend the life of your fur, improve the hide’s pliability, and help to prevent further rips and tears. This exclusive service is only available as an add-on to Ultra-Glaze.